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Cafe Design

 Coffee is now one of the main parts of our daily lives. Many people go to cafes on daily bases and some for other purposes like socializing. Designing a café is complicated since your business is successful only if you can meet everyone’s expectations of a good café. There are two main reasons behind the success of your café; good service and coffee, attractive concept and design.

Concept and equipment

The main reasons of your successes which we mentioned above is only reachable if you have your café designed and equipped the right way. Here in Dina we design a concept for your business so you can easily satisfy the needs of every group of visitors.

Your café needs to be equipped in a way that your products can be served in the shortest time possible with the highest quality. This means your bar has to be set in a way that your barmen can access everything easily and at the same time they have enough space to prepare the orders. The cold bar and the warm bar have to be separated but close enough to have the mixed orders ready in proper timing for your customers.

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Costumer exprience

Next, outside of your bar is the real show. Your concept has to be defined so your designs are suitable to your business plan. If you are looking to have a take away café service or if you want people to come and spend time in your café. Anyways you need to have an attractive design to draw customers inside. Proper table settings, lighting, comfortable seats, and using proper colors all together can result in an attractive environment for your clients to become loyal and enjoy their time in your café. All of the above in possible to achieve if you choose to work with Dina.