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Fashion and Apparel



Fashion and Apparel Design and Equipment

The world of fashion is considered as one of the most advanced areas of goods display. Noting the fast development of the industry we have to be expecting the growth and advancement of display equipment, lighting, interior design and special elements used in stores.

In the past, the only important part of a fashion retail area was the window display, but now the interior design and layout is even more important the window display. There two possible ways to make sure the design and layout is done properly. First, designers can design special decoration and structures for your store so that your customers can get a closer look to the goods. Second, you can have the layout of your fashion retail store designed with equipment, which not only are strong enough for your work but also have designs characteristics to match the general looks of your store.


Fashion/Apparel Equipment

Fashion display equipment include a wide range of products and a wide range of designs. There are many purposes behind each piece which in the eyes of your customers they may be hidden. When it comes to stocking the goods, using the right equipment makes a huge different. Also, the right equipment provides your customers with easy access to each product, and they can touch and feel each good in comfort.



It is important that the layout of your fashion store is designed in a way that your staff can have a better look over the store and all the goods. To keep everything safe, first there are many types of security equipment and tags you can use in order to keep everything under control. Second it is important that the layout is set in a way that your staff can monitor the store traffic.



Lighting in fashion industry plays an important role. All areas of your store needs to be lighted equally, but in some cases playing with lighting can bring a different feeling to your retail area. Feeling of luxury, feeling of being special and emphasizing on any special goods can be done by the right lighting.


Fitting Room

Your fitting room must have a few characteristics in order to give your customers maximum satisfaction and your staff can control the environment easily. Make sure you have a sitting room for your customers’ companions. Next, make sure there are enough mirrors and lighting in the area as well.

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