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Bakery Design and Equipment


If we rely on the fact that bread is one of the main parts of all family’s lives, we are not so off the track. This means the business can be very successful and your store shall be busy all the time, but is this really enough reason?

Production of bread has changed a lot throughout time and it has turned out to be a strong industry in the retail market. There is a high competitive market for this section, so being different and innovative is the key to success.

Having the right design and proper equipment in your store is the main success elements next to high quality production of bread. The layout of the store, equipment and lighting must be done the right way so you can boost sales, have loyal customers and new incoming customers.

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Layout of your store can be very helpful to start with. It is important to persuade the customers feeling of nostalgia by placing your bakery right next to the entrance so the smell of fresh bread draws them into your store. Next, you need to have the right planogram of shelving and products placement, so you can create the right customer flow inside your store; you need the customer to visit all the shelves and products.

The right type of display and shelving can help you keep the products in the freshest possible conditions all day long and as the results, your clients are always happy. To illustrate, using wooden shelving helps fresh bread stay fresh for longer time. Bread displays need to have moisture for some products and for other, they need to be dry in order to keep your products fresh.

Just like any other retail area, there is need for the right lighting to have the best outcome of product display in your bakery. Using colors and proper lighting in the interior lighting will result in sales boosts and success in competitive market of bread retail.a