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1. Initial Mapping and Layout 

After all the decisions are made and your business plans are agreed upon, we will start the initial layout planning. This step requires a visit of your location. Our engineers and designers will visit your location to map out the site and note all the technical items of your property. Next, they will analyze and compare your needs and property’s availabilities. Simultaneously, our designers map out the initial 2D layout of your business. Afterwards, the analysis and the 2D layout are put together and presented to you for the first step confirmation. To have more details about our work feel free to contact Dina sales.

2. 3D Design

The 3D design step is the most important step of the project. Here is where all the looks come together and your brand identity appears. Our designers, following international and local standards, would give you a full view of your future store. We consider many elements of design while working on your project. As an example, lighting in a retail area is one of the most important sales boosters. Using the right type of lighting system and the placement of each type, such as general lighting, focused lighting and etc., is one of the items we consider for your store in our 3D design step. Furthermore, we consider the customer flow in your store. We design the store in a way to have the most efficient customer flow by using the right kind of signage, and in store communications. These are all added to a lot of other items we design for you to create the right base for your brand identity.

3. Installation of infrastructures

Our installation is divided in three different parts. The mechanical and electrical infrastructure of your project is the first thing we would need to install before anything happens. Our installation team would install everything in the fastest possible time according to our plans on the first step. This means your site is ready to be decorated with the interior designs that Dina provided you in the 3D design process.

4. Installation of equipment

Now that all the infrastructure and interior of your project is done, it is time to bring in the equipment. This step is very important since you have spent a lot of money already on the interior design of your store. Our experienced installation team would carry all the equipment inside and install them carefully in a way that the interior of your store is not damaged. Leave the job to professionals in Dina so it is done the right way.

5. Opening and Aftersales Services

Our job is not done yet. This is just the beginning. We can help you plan your opening, planograms and we will provide you with aftersales services and guarantee services. We can provide you with professional consultation services to help you run your business and keep everything on track. Our aftersales service is active 24/7 to prevent any problems you may face during your business times.