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pastry Design

Running a pastry has special rules and requires special expertise. You may use the best ingredients, and bake the most delicious pastry, but your sales rates are still below expectations. The key to solving this issue is to be different in the eyes of your clients. In order to do so, you need to display your work the right way. When you mix the high quality of products with a great design in your confectionary and the right type of display you can always be the winner of this competition.


Display Style

Since the display counters play the main role in showing creativity and verity of available pastry, they are considered to be the most important elements of design of a confectionary. When you display the verity in the right way, you persuade your customers to choose more and buy more pastry. Choosing the right counter displays is the most important elements of your confectionary design and it results in higher sales; note, placement of the counters is also as important as the looks.



The business of pastry making is the business of colors. Most cupcakes and cookies come in many colors. The environment of your shop has to match, so consider using colorful display fridges. Colors can be very persuasive and they are great help to boost sales.



If you have the right layout, colors and displays in your store and you lack the right light the whole package is under question. It is important to have the right amount of light with the right color of light to show your products the right way. The right color of light (Kalvin) helps your client see the exact color of your pastry and the freshness of the goods is shown properly. If you choose the right displays for your confectionary, then it has the right lighting in the shelves inside the display.

All together with your creativity in baking new cookies and pastry comparing to your competitors can help you boost sales and create customer loyalty and your customers will keep coming back

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