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Are you looking to start a new business? Are you ready to re-design your store?  Well, you can count on our help. With more than 17 years of experience in the retail industry, we are here to help you build your dream retail area. You are only one click away from getting your free design consultation session with our experts at Dina Group.

Dina group is one of the best supermarket design in Canada company, ready for giving best services and store equipment for your store and supermarket.

hypermarket desig | supermarket design | store equipment

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hypermarket design | supermarket design | store equipment

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best hypermarket design in Toronto | supermarket design | store equipment

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Designing and Implementing more than 585000 Sqm of retail area.

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Implementing more than 860 projects all over Middle East

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Why Choose Dina Group

Dina Group is one of the leading companies in the retail industry in the Middle East. We have a long list of clientele all around the Middle East. We have been able to successfully supermarket desig and store equipment in more than half a million square meters of the retail area within the last few years of our activity. Now we are proud to announce our presence in North America, Toronto, Canada. We have a long list of services and systems ready to be presented and provided for you. You may visit us to get your free consultation today and get your fresh start with us.

after the Middle-East, we going to North America and start working as supermarket design in Canada for giving the best services and store equipment for new customers.

With more than 500,000 SQM of retail resume we are here to build your dream.

We are Proud to annouce that we were given the International Star for Leadership in Quality Award in BID Paris, France, 2016, and our CEO had the chance to have the closing cermony speech.


We are proud to mention the name of Hyper-me in our resume. Hyper-me is one of the most successful chain hypermarkets in Iran. proudly, we have designed and implemented most of their branches all around Iran.


Dina Sub-companies

Providing full range Turnkey solutions for our clients required us to add a list of new production systems to our service list. We are now able to supply our clients with a wide range of products for their retail area, meaning they would not need to search in the market to find the products we include in their 2D and 3D designs. All of our products are produced with the latest technologies in different locations in Europe. For more information, feel free to contact our experts at Dina.

we work as a supermarket design in Canada company in the last 3 years, and our goal is to give the best services in design and equipment to new customers.

Design Systems

Mono Systems

Poly Systems

Accessory Systems

You Dream, We Realize, They Buy!


Dina Group Services

Here is Dina, we think of your future. We provide you with a full range of design and engineering services in order to help you build a brighter future. Keeping the international standards and your profitability the base of our work for you, we give you many alternatives towards being a different and attractive retailer in your market.

supermarket design in Canada | hypermarket design | store equipment

خدمات طراحی سوپرمارکت

Design supermarket

Days have changed all industries around us. To survive in the world of expanding new businesses, you need to be up to date in every possible way. The looks of your retail area are one of the key components of success

System Selection

Any Retailer has a purpose when starting a new business or expanding an old one. It is important to use the right store equipment to have the best result possible. our experts will provide a wide range of options which suits your retail area just right.

Custom Work

Some of the pieces we design supermarket of design hypermarket for your retail area is unique. Our designers will provide all the details for our production department based on your requirements to build the exact unique piece for you.
after design hypermarket o design supermarket, we provide the best store equipment for your store.

Some of the pieces we design for your retail area is unique. Our designers will provide all the details for our production department based on your requirements to build the exact unique piece for you.


When your retail area is ready and all the store equipment is built for you, our installation team will take care of the heavy work for the design hypermarket or design supermarket. All the technical installations of your equipment will be done by our installation experts with maximum care and efficiency.

Signage & Strategic Plans

Everything is installed, and your store is ready for the grand opening, BUT is it truly ready yet? Your customers need to be guided around the store section by section in order for you to maximize profitability and sales. Our market experts are here to provide you with the right accessories and store equipment.


Maximize Your
Revenue | supermarket design in Canada

Using our professional consulting services, you will enjoy a design hypermarket and design supermarket appropriate to your store place, meeting its requirements to the fullest. A modern and cutting-edge design hypermarket and the best equipment for your retail store is the key to maximum customer attraction. Displaying strategies aiming to boost sales will result in prosperity and revenue growth.

use the best store equipment

Dina always uses the best equip for store equipment for your hypermarket design and supermarket design.